Stella was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from Portuguese and Italian roots. Her artistic talent was recognized with several awards since childhood for the passion and devotion in the Fine Arts and music fields.  Stella had an introduction to Fine Arts in Lisbon, Portugal and graduated from Commercial Design at George Brown College in Toronto, she is the founder and Creative Director of 17 Designs, a Graphic Design, Websites and Marketing company now celebrating 20 years in business.  Award winner of the Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre Emerging Business Award in 2001, 17 Designs services an array of industries located in the GTA, Peel, Halton and beyond.

Stella has a passion for fine arts and her devotion was recognized with several awards since childhood through exhibits at numerous shows and galleries including: 1st price at Constructions in the Sand in Estoril hosted by Correio da Manhã in 1978.  Winner of the 1st prize with a collage by the Consulate General of Portugal entitled “Natal Português” and 1st prize “Best in Show” Mississauga Juried Arts Show in 1988.  Her multiculturalism has influenced her art in many ways.  Her palettes are spirited and vibrant, her themes are unexpected.  In 2015 Stella had her first solo exhibition entitled “Being Woman” (“Ser Mulher”) at the Casa do Alentejo, Galeria Alberto Castro in benefit of Abrigo Centre to assist with program for women and children victims of domestic abuse.

In 2017 Stella produced a collaborative exhibition entitled “Reflections” with her son Kurt Jurgen (Landscape Photographer) and Christopher Banfalvi (Metal Artist) held at the General Consulate of Portugal.  Fifty percent of the sales were donated to the Abrigo Centre to assist with programs for women and children victims of domestic abuse in the GTA.  Stella was the featured painter & entertainer at the Luxury Chocolate Show 2016 and Abrigo Centre Women’s Day 2018.  She is also an active participant at numerous “Art Battle” events around the city.  Stella was commissioned to paint a fine arts collection of six paintings 4ft x 6ft and five stainless steel sculptural signs for Perspective Condominiums located in Etobicoke entitled “Natural Perspective”.  Her talents expanded to clothing designer and producer of wearable apparel including purses that was showcased at the “Circle of Friends” Breast Cancer fundraiser fashion show in benefit of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation in January, 2018.  She is a former collaborative artist for statement clothing at “Stand-up Speak-up Fashion”.  Stella has been featured on the Portuguese Community TV and Radio programs, magazines and newsprint in numerous occasions.

In the music field, Stella is a Jazz vocalist mainly with Jazz Plazma.  The quartet has performed for numerous events in and about the GTA such as Art Opening celebrations at the General Consulate of Portugal, Abrigo Centre, “Arts of the Credit” VIP Opening night 2017 and 2018 and “Art Bites” Book Launch held at the Artworld Fine Art Gallery.  Performed at the Living Arts Centre “New York Dinner Club”, “Colour and Form” Exhibition at the Holcim Art Gallery in Milton and “Dundas West Festival” in 2016.  Stella and Jazz Plazma have been performing at the Benares Historic House Museum “On the Verandah” Annual Summer music events since 2014 and an occasional Jazz Club in the GTA.

The History of the musical duo “Stella and Marcela”:

The duo started in Argentina at a very young age in a TV show “Juguetín Juguetón” on Channel 7 in Buenos Aires.  In 1976 her family moved to Portugal where the duo “Stella e Marcela” also known as “Stella Mar” flourished with four single records dedicated to the teen audience: “O Cão e o Gato” written by António Sala, “Flor Misteriosa” a musical creation by the sisters.  The first two records were produced and edited by Edições Rossil Lda.  In 1978, directed by Fernando Correia Martnis.  The last two records were: side A “Na Discoteca“, side B “As Noticias” written by the sisters and side A “A Menina Sex-Appeal” written by Luís Duarte and João Taveira, side B “Teledisco” by Licinio França and Manuel Rodrigues.  The last two were productions of Helena Cardinali, Discossete – Estúdios de Gravação e Edição Musical, Lda. in 1983, directed by Luís Duarte.  Stella & Marcela participated on TV and Radio shows and live performances including “O Fungagá da Bicharada” presented by Júlio Isidro, “1ª Gala Internacional dos Pequenos Cantores” in Figueira da Foz and many performances with “Amigos da Rádio Renascença“.  When the family immigrated to Canada in 1985 the sisters hosted a radio show at CKMW 790 AM “Era Uma Vez” (Once Upon a Time) and performed for Portuguese TV Shows at CFMT-Channel 47 (Omni TV) and Festival Português.  In 2003 they were featured on the TV show “Arresting Design” and in 2007 Stella was featured in “Contacto” an Omni-TV production by Lidia Ferreira.

Collection of old pictures of the duo “Stella e Marcela”:


Stella-Marcela-Emidio-Rangel - 1978

Stella and Marcela – One of the first interviews on the Radio “Radio Comercial” in Lisbon with the host Emídio Rangel.

Stella e Marcela – Umas das primeiras entrevistas na Rádio Comercial em Lisboa com o locutor Emídio Rangel.


Community show with the Amigos da Radion Renasenca in Portugal with António Sala.

Convívio dos Amigos da Radio Renascença em Portugal com António Sala.


Stella and Marcela during a concert in Portugal with Jose Cid.

Stella e Marcela durante um espectaculo em Portugal com José Cid.

STELLA and MARCELA singing ““É NATAL” on (OMNI-TV) Chanel 47 in Toronto, Canada in 1984.

STELLA e MARCELA interpretando a canção “É NATAL” no Canal 47 (OMNI-TV) em Toronto, Canadá em 1984.
Agradecemos a gentileza do DUARTE BENEVIDES por fazer esta surpresa com este video das manas.


Stella-Marcela-Bom-Dia-DomingoTV show – “Bom Dia Domingo” – RTP – Lisbon, Portugal .

Programa de Televisão – Bom Dia Domingo  – RTP 1 en Lisboa, Portugal.


Stella and Marcela recording their record “Discoteca” and “Noticias” with Luis Duarte.

Stella e Marcela gravando “Discoteca” e “Noticias” com Luis Duarte.






Community Shows with Amigos da Rádio Renascença all around Portugal.

Convívio dos Amigos da Rádio Renascença por todo Portugal.


Participants in the First International Gala of Young Singers, Figueira da Foz, Portugal.

Participantes na Primeira Gala Internacional dos Pequenos Cantores, Figueira da Foz





Stella and Marcela featured on the TV Show “Porque Hoje É Sabado” (Because today is Saturday).

Stella e Marcela no Programa de Televisão “Porque Hoje É Sabado”.



STELLA and MARCELA singing their hit song “TELEDISCO” a song by Licínio França e Manuel Rodrigues Side “A” of their fourth record. 

STELLA e MARCELA interpretando o exito “TELEDISCO” uma canção de Licínio França e Manuel Rodrigues Face “A” do quarto disco das irmãs.

Agradecemos a gentileza do DUARTE BENEVIDES por fazer esta surpresa com este video das manas. Filmagem do video em Sintra, Portugal em 1982.

Stella e Marcela -CKMW

“Once Upon a Time”, radion show produced by the sisters on CKMW 790AM, Brampton, Ontario, Canada.  Stella, Aldo Goudinho and Marcela in the sound booth.

“Era Uma Vez”, programa de Rádio produzido pelas manas no CKMW 790AM, Brampton, Ontario, Canada.  Stella, Aldo Goudinho e Marcela na cabina de som.

Stella and Marcela singing the song “FERIAS EM LISBOA” (Holidays in Lisbon) on the TV Show “Fim de Semana” on (OMNI-TV) Channel 47 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1984.

STELLA e MARCELA interpretando a canção “FERIAS EM LISBOA” no Programa “Fim de Semana” no Canal 47 (OMNI-TV) em Toronto, Canadá em 1984.

Agradecemos a gentileza do DUARTE BENEVIDES por fazer este video.


Stella Jurgen é uma artista Luso-Canadiana nascida em Buenos Aires, Argentina de raízes Portuguesas e Italianas. Stella é uma compositora de música e artista onde o seu talento começou na Argentina com a sua irmã Marcela no programa de televisão “Juguetín Juguetón”.

Aos 9 anos, a Stella e a sua familia mudaram-se para Portugal. O duo “Stella e Marcela” ou tambem conhecidas por  “Stella Mar” floresceram com 4 discos infantis: “O Cão e o Gato” da autoria de António Sala, “Flor Misteriosa“, um tema das irmãs; estes dois discos foram produzidos e editados por Edições Rossil Lda. em 1978 com Direção Orquestral de Fernando Correia Martins. “Na Discoteca” face A, “As Noticias” face B, da Stella e Marcela e “A Menina Sex-Appeal” face A, da autoria de Luís Duarte e João Taveira e face B “Teledisco” por Licínio França e Manuel Rodrigues, or dois discos foram produções de Helena Cardinali, Discossete — Estúdios de Gravação e Edição Musical, Lda., em 1983 com Direção Orquestral do Luís Duarte.

A carreira artistica da Stella e Marcela desenvolveu-se com várias aparências na Radio e Televisão Portuguesa e espectáculos por todo o país, incluindo “O Fungagá da Bicharada” apresentado por Júlio Isidro, “1ª Gala Internacional dos Pequenos Cantores” na Figueira da Foz, Bom Dia Domingo na RTP1, e muitas atuações ao vivo com os Amigos da Rádio Renascença.   Em 1985, Stella e a sua familia emigraram para o Canadá onde as manas produziram o programa the radio CKMW “Era Uma Vez” e cantaram para a comunidade Portuguesa em várious programas de televisão em CFMT-Channel 47 (Omni TV) e eventos comunitários.  Em 2003, as irmãs foram convidadas a participar no show the Televisão “Arresting Design” e, em 2007 Stella foi destacada no programa “Contacto“.  Para esta artista a história não acaba aqui…. novas músicas e programas estão já em vista — Estejam alertas….!


Events and Highlights from 2013 – 2014:

Stella Jurgen composed and produced videos for the following songs:

2007 – Mais Não Posso Dizer (What Else Can I Say)  (Portuguese and English)

2012 – Céu, Céu Azul  (Blue, Blue Sky)  (Portuguese and English)

2012 – O Meu Nome É Lucky  (My Name is Lucky)  (Portuguese and English)

2013 – Boneca Gira  (Portuguese and Spanish)

2014- A Dozen Kisses (English)

2014 – Pirata dos Meus Sonhos (Portuguese and Spanish)

2014 – Vontade de Viver (Portuguese)


Stella Jurgen was interviewed by José Candeias, RTP Antena 1 -  in May 2014

Featured in “Senso” Magazine – Summer Issue 2014

Single “Vontade de Viver” – fundraiser for Centro Abrigo was launched July 2014 by CHIN Radio, Isabel Ricardo during the show “Despertar a Portuguesa”.

Stella Jurgen was invited to perform with the Jazz trio “Jazz Plazma”, many performances highlighted the year 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Stella Jurgen was interviewed by Marlene Silva in “Talentos e Figuras da Comunidade” FP-TV (CIRV-TV) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – December 19, 2014

Stella Jurgen was interviewed by Clara Abreu for “Ponto de Encontro” OMNI-TV- Toronto, Ontario, Canada – April, 2015

Stella Jurgen was interviewed by Clara Abreu for “Nos Portugueses” OMNI-TV- Toronto, Ontario, Canada – July, 2017

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