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Stella Jurgen Ecstacy

Stella Jurgen

Fine Artist, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Graphic Designer, Fashion Designer and Jazz Singer

Who Am I?
TV Producer and Host, Fine Artist, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Graphic Designer, Fashion Designer and Jazz Singer

I am a Canadian Artist, born in Argentina from Portuguese and Italian roots. I was raised in Portugal and later in life I immigrated to Canada with my family. I am well known for my choice of vibrant palettes and provoking themes that reflect my sparkly personality and multi-cultural background. With a musical experience in teen-pop recordings and strong passion for the arts I am a versatile, well-rounded artist.  My creative talents include painting, illustrating, urban sketching, photography, videography, fashion and accessories design.  I was the founder and Creative Director of 17 Designs for twenty years, an award winning graphic design and websites company rooted in Mississauga that later moved to Oakville. For the last two years, I am working as the Artistic Director for MDC Media Group, a multimedia company that encompasses a weekly newspaper, monthly and quarterly magazines, music production, TV and Radio. I am the cartoonist for the Milénio Stadium Portuguese newspaper and I produce and host a weekly TV show titled “Stella’s Studio” on Camões TV.  The need to include music in my life is expressed as a jazz vocalist with the quartet Jazz Plazma. I was nominated for the following awards: Mississauga Marty’s in the emerging fashion category, the Waterfront Award in the Arts and Culture category, and recently I was nominated for the Mississauga Music Award in the Best Local Promoter category.

How Do I Do It?
Acrylic, Oil, Mixed Media, Textile, Digital, NFT Art & Print

When I paint, I work with all mediums in an eclectic and diverse style.  Many of my recent and most popular pieces are pop-art full of colour and emotion. My love for creating art began since I can remember. It all started with pencil, markers, ink, and airbrush, but quickly progressed to oil and acrylic paints. Recently, I have been printing my artwork on textiles and experimenting with applications on wearable items. I have also challenged myself to design and produce clutch leather purses that are made in Canada with unique hand painted motifs.

When I illustrate, my mind has no boundaries and my techniques are varied. I use traditional mixed media and digital artwork manipulation.  To see my NFT artwork collections for sale click here:  https://opensea.io/StellaJurgen

When I produce and host my weekly TV show Stella’s Studio on Camoes TV, I recruit and schedule guests to interview or visit events and galleries.  I write the content/script for 30 minutes episodes, design the stages and screens, gather b-row material, edit and make special animations. I prepare images and promo videos for social media.  To watch my episodes click here:  https://camoestv.com/category/producoes/stellas-studio/

Where Am I?
Greater Toronto Area

My paintings, illustrations, textiles and purses have been exhibited at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre, Bradley Museum, Abrigo Centre, Consulate General of Portugal, Alberto de Castro Gallery, Artworld Fine Art Gallery, Pixie Blue Studio, The Peach Gallery, Engel & Volkers Oakville, Season’s and Cork’s Restaurants in Oakville, Outdoor Kulture, Pazan Gallery and The Fashion Circuit 2021.

To see a video of the Fashion Circuit 2021 where I presented ten gowns on the runway click here:  https://camoestv.com/producoes/stellas-studio/stellas-studio-ep102-fashion-circuit-series-2021-mario-henriques/

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