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Stella Jurgen-Art Comp 2024 - CONSUMED

“Consumed” by Stella Jurgen at Art Comp 2024

ART COMP by Courtyard Events is a competition open to all local, national and international artists, both professional and amateur.  For 2024, Stella Jurgen’s “Consumed” was one of 100 artworks chosen to be exhibited throughout the property at 100 Kellogg Lane from May to September 2024.


Visit 100 Kellogg Lane – London, Ontario’s world-class entertainment complex as they generate and inspire conversation through global art.  The ART COMP 2024’s goal is to curate an engaging, inclusive, and thought-provoking exhibition that captivates and entertains audiences of all backgrounds.


Art Comp 2024, Consumed by Stella Jurgen

About “Consumed”

As Stella Jurgen and her husband Norm of 35 years began their early retirement journey from Oakville, Ontario to their new home town of Tillsonburg, Stella was inspired by Art Comp 2023 and had the idea of collecting all the packaging of products that she consumed for the period of one year and assembling that into a work of art.  It all started as an awareness and curiosity project — what would happen if she didn’t recycle?  So began the concept for “Consumed” – The result is a 3D installation that consists of a woman wearing a dress with an 18 foot long train that represents her footprint on the environment.  Her reflection in a mirror shows the beauty of circular economy while enjoying the last “potato chip”.  Both whimsical and thought-provoking, “Consumed” demonstrates the mass of garbage one generates in only a year and how we as a society need to re-consider our choices when purchasing consumable products taking into consideration their post-consumed packaging and the negative impact it has on our planet.


Please celebrate Stella’s success and tremendous accomplishment for being selected as one of 100 artists featured in this competition.


Voting for your favourite artwork can be done online via the following link:



Stella Jurgen About the author

I am a Canadian artist from Italian and Portuguese roots that was born in Argentina and raised in Portugal. My diverse heritage is reflected in my art and my music. You can find my paintings featured in local galleries around the Greater Toronto Area. You can also hear me sing alongside Jazz Plazma at GTA summer events and Swing of Things in Elgin and Oxford Counties.