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Oxford County Library, Tillsonburg Branch. Mural for the children's area.

Oxford County Library, Tillsonburg Branch – Mural

A call to artists was launched by the Oxford County Library for the creation of a mural dedicated to the children’s area in the Tillsonburg Branch.  My submission was selected with a mural design that pleased the library staff. The mural painting started September 19, 2023 and the final artwork was unveiled November 25, 2023. The mural size is 12 ft x 9 ft and it boasts a whimsical theme embellished with vibrant colours. I learned about the community, visited local sites and participated in local events. I also saw many turtles in Lake Lisgar, which I love because my first pet was a turtle that my father brought home and we called it Margarita, and my second turtle was Filipo. So they are both in the mural Maggie and Philip, plus their parents. Turtlefest is one of the most popular events here. Did you know that all the turtles in Tillsonburg are the smartest ones in Canada because they enjoy reading books? Creativity has no limits. (I owe this idea to Norm Jurgen, my husband. As I was drawing a sketch of the mural I imagined, he said: “Why don’t you paint turtles reading books”….. wow, I replied, that is it!!! You’ve got it. Thank you Norm. I interpreted that idea with creativity, fun and made it a learning experience for the children. I added historical sites and all that is beautiful in Tillsonburg. Thank you to Tillsonburg Station Arts Centre for promoting the Call to Artists providing paying opportunities for creators.

Stella Jurgen About the author

I am a Canadian artist from Italian and Portuguese roots that was born in Argentina and raised in Portugal. My diverse heritage is reflected in my art and my music. You can find my paintings featured in local galleries around the Greater Toronto Area. You can also hear me sing alongside Jazz Plazma at GTA summer events and Swing of Things in Elgin and Oxford Counties.