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Stella Jurgen “A Dozen Kisses” – Artista Portuguesa

A Dozen Kisses 
Stella Jurgen | Music, Lyrics, Guitar, Violin and Musical Arrangement ©2014

Original song in English

Photography | Kurt Jurgen, KJ17 Photography – http://instagram.com/kurtjurgen

Video Production – Stella Jurgen©2014 | All Rights Reserved

Sponsored by www.17designs.com

I wrote this song in 2006 and left it in a binder.  After so many years I went back to review what I wrote and something told me that now was the right time to produce this song.  Confirmed by a friend professional musician, there is no better time.  I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day with kisses and hugs. Live with Passion and Love Everyone!  Share this song with your friends and loved ones.

Stella Jurgen About the author

I am a Canadian artist from Italian and Portuguese roots that was born in Argentina and raised in Portugal. My diverse heritage is reflected in my art and my music. You can find my paintings featured in local galleries around the Greater Toronto Area. You can also hear me sing alongside Jazz Plazma at GTA summer events and Swing of Things in Elgin and Oxford Counties.