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Stella Jurgen – Vontade de Viver – Artista Portuguesa

Vontade de Viver | “Crave to Live” | Ganas de Vivir Music & Lyrics | Música e Letra: Stella Jurgen & Marcela Boturão©1984 Direitos Reservados do Video Stella Jurgen©2014 | All Rights Reserved Patrocinado por | Sponsored by www.17designs.com The single “Vontade de Viver” (Crave to Live, Ganas de Vivir) is now available in i-tunes and amazonmp3 ready to download. A Donation of 50% of the sales goes to Centre Abrigo, www.abrigo.ca, a non profit organization that helps women and their children victims of abuse and violence in the Portuguese Community in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A DVD of all the videos of Stella’s music is available for sale. Please contact Stella to place an order stella@17designs.com A canção “Vontade de Viver” está em i-tunes e amazonmp3 pronta para descarregar. 50% das ventas dos descarregos vão ser doadas ao Centro Abrigo.  Para ajudar, também pode comprar o CD da canção, 100% das ventas vão ser doadas ao Centro Abrigo. Contacte a Stella directamente stella@17designs.com. www.abrigo.ca, uma organização que ajuda mulheres victimas de abuso e violência na comunidade Portuguesa em Toronto, Ontario, Canadá. I thank all the participants of the song production “Vontade de Viver” that was launched on July 15, 2014 by Isabel Franco Ricardo on her show “Despertar a Portuguesa” CHIN Radio 100.7 FM Portuguese programming. A BIG THANK YOU to ALL for the support!

Stella Jurgen About the author

I am a Canadian artist from Italian and Portuguese roots that was born in Argentina and raised in Portugal. My diverse heritage is reflected in my art and my music. You can find my paintings featured in local galleries around the Greater Toronto Area. You can also hear me sing alongside Jazz Plazma at GTA summer events and Swing of Things in Elgin and Oxford Counties.